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Welcome to GEORADIS s.r.o.

The head office is strategically located in the middle of Europe, in between highways linking the west with the east, and the north with the south, also geopolitically.


Reducing the Negative Human Impact on the Environment

We help to monitor the negative effects of industry and agriculture on the surrounding environment. We prevent radioactive sources from becoming orphan sources.


Environmental Quality

We measure the impact of accidents on the food chain, and help to choose safe materials.



We provide security forces with equipment detecting unauthorized or inadvertent movement of radioactive materials.


New Sources of Raw Materials

We participate in the development of new techniques and methods for mapping of mineral reserves and their effective extraction.

About us

The diverse disciplines whose link is gamma radiation or manifestations in the electromagnetic field are our playground.


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Data format for QGIS application

21.03.2019 Data format for QGIS application

Data compatibility tests for QGIS applications
RT-58 delivered

20.12.2018 RT-58 delivered

RT-58 large detector volume 3D gamma ray camera delivered to customer.
USB driver - ethernet mode

25.08.2016 USB driver - ethernet mode

New USB driver updated for Windows 10
Shielding for GT-40

18.09.2015 Shielding for GT-40

New desktop shielding for Multipurpose Handheld Gamma Spectrometer