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Marketing documents, user's guides - leaflets, software tools, firmware for update

All manuals and promotional materials are available without restriction. The Company reserves the right to make changes in content or application and therefore it is recommended to check for releases of new versions. A part of the supporting software is available without restrictions, in particular the basic necessary functional units, such as drivers. A passcode is required to access additional supporting programs and new versions of the device software which can be obtained by the client after the Company verifies the identity of the client. This would help to prevent misapplication or misappropriation of certain programs. Thank you for your understanding. All items in this section are available free of charge.

Georadis s.r.o. is the exclusive owner of the rights associated with the authorship of these products. Any commercial use of the downloaded material is prohibited, except for supporting Georadis s.r.o. products.


USB Driver - Driver update for all Georadis applications working on Windows plattform. Compatible with all Windows operating systems including Windows 10. Updated for latest Windows service packs. Posted August. 2016

USB Driver for Windows systems


GeoView - PC software tool for instruments designed and manufactured by Georadis. Data acquisition and database, access to parameters, maintenance and instruments upgrade features. Rated for Windows operating systems including Windows 10. Posted Nov. 2015



LabCenter - Update for RT-50 users. Rated for Windows operating systems including Windows 10. Posted Nov. 2015