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Thanks to active cooperation with many of our customers we are discovering new possibilities for application of our instruments. We are pleased to parcipate on their projects and we also ensure a profit for our future clients in a way of implementation of new features and design improvements. We are open to discussion with all peaople in radiation detection or magnetic susceptibility/conductivity community and we will be glad to help to find a solution of problems. 

We have a birthday

30.08.2016 We have a birthday

Georadis celebrates 10 years anniversary.
USB driver and Windows 10 compatibility

25.08.2016 USB driver and Windows 10 compatibility

New USB driver updated for Windows 10
Web upgrade

27.11.2015 Web upgrade

The FTP server is working now.
Shielding for GT-40

18.09.2015 Shielding for GT-40

New desktop shielding for Multipurpose Handheld Gamma Spectrometer
GT-40 identifies radionuclides

25.03.2015 GT-40 identifies radionuclides

A new feature was developed for the GT-40 instrument. Identification of radionuclides is possible now.