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A wide range of disciplines linked by gamma radiation, or phenomena in the electromagnetic field are our playing field. The things other people fear attract us.


GEORADIS s.r.o. is a legal entity established in July 2006, covering, however, a longstanding and well-coordinated team of researchers and engineers. Thirty years of knowledge and experience of the founding team is complemented by a group of young and energetic designers so that our results reflect the current level of hardware, software and communication technologies.

Our team has always focused on designing equipment for detecting ionizing radiation, determining its sources and specifying intensity. The series of nearly thirty devices that the team has designed for companies in Canada, USA and the Czech Republic, some of which have become global standards, represents the pride of our designers.

Another team is engaged in scientific work in the field of environmental monitoring. We are participating in several grants provided by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GAČR).

In addition to science and research, we provide service support both for our portfolio of devices and products of other companies. Support for our products and collaboration in problem solving with our customers have been included in our strategy from the inception of the Company, and within the elapsed time, this strategy has been proven to be correct.

In 2009, GEORADIS s.r.o. became ISO 9001 certified. This year the certification has been expanded to include the construction of new devices.

The interplay between the designers and some of our customers results in developing two new devices annually. We are keeping up with the latest available technologies, and thus we are able to produce modern timeless gadgets.

Thousands of devices have been sold worldwide, and are being applied in dozens of fields.

We would like to thank our customers, because due to them we have come across many, unthought of before, application areas that place additional and new challenges on us.


Georadis s.r.o. was established in 2006, and introduced its first product in December of the same year. In January 2012, the...


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