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Customers who are not versed in technical terms and concepts, but know what problem they need to deal with, are recommended to search using fields of applications. Examples:

I am an operator of a metal scrap yard and I have to check the incoming material for the presence of radioactive materials. I am therefore looking for a detecting instrument suitable for outdoor use, preferably portable. I just need to know whether or not a radioactive source is present. For this purpose, a handheld radiation survey search device is sufficient: scintillometer. scint.

I am responsible for measuring the maximum quantity of radioactive substances in products (food stuff, building materials, etc.). I am looking for a device for laboratory activity measurement. lab. & spec.

My job is to protect employees working in the environment with radioactive emitters. I need to measure the radiation dose and determine which radionuclides may be present. Suitable products can be handheld spectrometers complemented with a dose measurement function: spec.

I work in a field in which only natural radionuclides are involved. I am therefore interested in the radiometric instrument section suitable for geological applications. geo.

For all those who have specific projects not falling into the defined categories, we have a team of experts prepared to assess pitfalls and suggest suitable solutions.

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