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Gamma-ray scintillometer with directional response. Suits in application where a differentiation of sources of radiation requires narrow angle characteristic of detector. Typically in mines or deposits of radioactive materials or waste. Instrument with two detectors CsI/Tl and with collimator.


Two detectors scintilometer in robust housing rated for extreme operation conditions. Water resistant.


In premises with high radiation background caused by sources located in many directions. Tunnels in mines or radioactive waste deposits etc.


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The GT-25 is designed in gun like shape with display and control buttons located on back wall of the housing. Main Start/Stop button is in front of the grip. Rechargeable batteries are inserted in the grip. Detectors are lined up in front-rear axis. Lead collimator collimates the front detector. Powered from four AA type rechargeable batteries. LCD display with backlight. Flash data memory and USB interface for data download and setup.