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A field gamma-ray spectrometer for rapid determination of potassium, uranium and thorium concentrations with increased sensitivity. Application in geology in field surveys for raw material sources. Proven performance in harsh environment applications. Survey data is stored in the memory, including the GPS coordinates. Calibrated to measure concentrations in soils in open space.


Increased sensitivity compared to the GT-30 series. It uses a bismuth germanate detector having higher density than NaI/Tl. Detection sensitivity of K, U and Th is comparable to NaI/Tl of with a 3" b


Field spectrometry in geology. Due to the high sensitivity of the detector, it is used for scanning and mapping of differences in K, U and Th concentrations in field surveys.


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The GT-32 series is fitted with a BGO scintillatorwith a 2" base diameter and 2" height. An alternative model GT-32T is offered to customers if an extendable telescopic arm is required. An optional external GPS logger may be supplied. The device can be integrated into various types of shielding and collimators.


Two basic working modes: Survey, for terrain scanning, and Assay, for determining K, U and Th concentrations. The Survey mode has an added ON FLY ASSAY function running simultaneously. This function calculates estimates of K, U and Th concentrations of the surveyed territory and in time-equidistant sections. Energy calibration of the analyzer is carried out continuously throughout the operating time, and only natural background sources are used for the set-up. Monitoring and analysis results are displayed on a graphic display in a well-arranged manner. All acquired data is stored in the unit's memory and can be exported to other devices via USB or Bluetooth. Audible indication of changes in the frequency of recorded gamma particles is provided by a speaker located behind the rear cover of the unit, or via USB headphones.