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Fast radiation analysis of steel, dust and slag in steelworks. Determining concentrations of potassium, uranium and thorium in building materials and rocks. Measuring radioactive substances in food, animal feed and environmental samples.



High sensitivity, low operating costs, fast analyses, ease of integration thanks to the SQL database, operable in networks. Wide range of sample containers, including Marinelli beakers. Large volume o


The RT-50, with the LabCenter program, has obtained type approval and certification for binding measurements of radionuclide activities and concentrations in metal, dust, rock, building materials, foo



The RT-50 series is manufactured in the following models. The basic model is fitted with a 9 cm shielding made ​​of steel. Lead shielding of the same dimensions is available on request. The standard measuring chamber is an aluminum hollow cylinder of 150 mm diameter and 150 mm height, and with a wall thickness of 1.5 mm. The standard measuring chamber may be replaced by a chamber enabling measurement in Marinelli beakers of up to 700 ml, suitable for detectors having a 3-inch diameter.


The RT-50 model with the LabCenter program has been specifically designed to monitor and detect the presence of radiation in metals, metallurgical by-products, geological samples, foodstuff, animal feed, building and many other materials. Extreme sensitivity has been achieved by using a high-volume scintillation detector and supplementing it with massive shielding, allowing radical shortening of measurement time and/or reduction of volumes of the measured samples. In cooperation with the LabCenter program, the core of which is a unique and original method for measuring activities from the gamma-ray spectra, it is possible to accurately measure the activities of mixed samples containing a mix of different radioisotopes. RT-50 is supplied as a complete laboratory system, including a computer and scales.